October 19th, 2018


My life has been blessed by the process of being a channel of the light and the ancient memories of the divine. I refer to this identity as a process seeing as most of the time I Am here in navigation of the curses which come along with this blessing.

Entering the earth with memories from beyond it have made life less than easy to cope with as long as I can remember I remember thinking oops I think I signed up for the wrong reality. Can someone please come down here to revisit this contract......... and so appeared a Spirit Dog, Junior Coal. He was a companion from another life and he told me my mission this time was to live in compassion as I filter the darkness out of the shine of humanity. The shine is like the aura. Each of us has one and so does collective consciousness and our shine, shines around the atmosphere of Gaia. 

Encoded with external eternal internal memory and an optimism for the awakening of humanity, Junior Coal reminded me of roots to the core of the earth and white light washing me constantly. I started my work and began filtering the pain and the thoughts and the suffering from anywhere I could sense it or see the red spots of dark spots or tendrils and vines of oppression. I began pouring white light and gold light and smiling over it all. 

With memories of powers beyond this current earth paradigm I began to get frustrated in the truth of my current limitations. I knew there was more. I knew that my powers were lost somewhere just across the veil and I would began to search for them. Forgetting leads to anger leads to numbness leads to remembering leads to anger; leads to peace? 

We shall see.

- Tahawa Eli iTruth