October 21, 2018


So many waves so much magic. I have been moving through some very deep shadows digging in an cleansing out thoughts which no longer serve us. These thoughts, in some, become emotions and these emotions can "crystallize" within. Prayer, sound, water and chosen sacred medicines can assist to break up these crystallized emotions and transmute them back into Crystal of Light. Within us each we hold the keys to our own evolution and these keys can be hidden underneath the stagnant emotions which pile up through the daily onslaught of waves of thought and programmed consciousness. 

The waves of consciousness of "the good" "the truth" "the love" have increased greatly and these waves are reprogramming the minds of humanity away from the brainwashing of a sick society. On this planet, at this time, in this reality which we are melting and changing each day with our thoughts and feelings as we move into truth, the waves of the light are still counter balanced by the waves of the dark. 

Some of us have been experiencing deep seated and deep seeded fears within us coming to the surface. This may surface as frustration, pain, mental anguish, insomnia, the roots are fear and confusion. The desire to strive to be something in an equation which does not equate creates cognitive dissonance and leads to the perpetuation of separation through extreme experience. 

We are in a time of great change unseen on this planet before. The population has never been so large as a humanoid race while simultaneously so out of balance with nature. At this time we are being offered the opportunity to seize truth in our hands and add it to the program of this reality. We need to become the encoders of our our own encoded destinies and allow our internal truth to flow out into the reality we see. Everything is a reflection and many minds feel trapped, when you take a glance around the world one thing you can be certain exists everywhere are traps, traps and prisons for animals, prison for people, credit cards, traps to cling to this existence of entrapment are everywhere. How many times a day do you put someone in a box in your mind? 

Each definition within this world is programmed through mass advertising and "education", this system is clearly broken, as it seems that what is "right" and is so rightly accepted seems wrong to most of us and what is so clearly so wrong is consistently justified as "right" this is the nature of injustice. 

When minds are programmed through brainwashing everyone becomes responsible to hold the systems in place. Everything you sign and every dotted lign is another agreement to perpetuate the systems which so many of us can see naturally and intrinsically, are actually backwards. The heart feels truth, the mind, heart and core fashion all decisions as one united system of discernment, when beings are forced to drive off one system of the being at a time the others go offline or become confused, chaotic or stuck. Poisons in food or water perpetuate the crystallization of stuck energy this stuck energy perpetuates control and destroys free will by amplifying need and need to survive. 

The ones who are partially controlling this reality for their gains are fully aware that this process is happening within us. Our process of prayer, sound and medicine will break us free of the chains, the chains start in your mind. 

I am good enough! I am enough! I am beautiful! I am deserving! I am worthy of love and communion! I am worthy! I am valuable beyond perceived value! I Am the truth! I am love!I am loved!I am clear I am healthy I am well I am peace I am bliss I am abundant I am abundance

I activate here and now the true divine blueprint of my whole and destined being!

I activate here and now my full and True Self inviting all knowledge of truth and love from all of my personal timelines and existences. 

I am the light.

I am the love.

I am powerful. 

Every thought and feeling which moves through my mind flows as water to the sea relieving me of suffering. 

As I hear the pain of mySelves in my mind I choose to love me.

As I hear the suffering of the earth in my heart I choose to love her. 

As I hear the suffering of the earth in my core and all of her children cry in my soul i choose to love them all. 

We are them, they are we. 

As I hear the truth of existence in waves of light and waves of darkness I accept my power to swim surf and fly. 

I am the truth.

I am magical

I am powerful.

Infinite waves of consciousness wash over me as lines and vines connected to souls and beings all around the earth and I feel them I see them I pray for them I follow the lightlines I see and I hold them with love and light and wings of peace calling a circle of angels to stand around each suffering being I feel and see I feel and think and remember what they do even if only for a moment. I am the same as you. We are one. Not everything you feel belongs to you. But everything we feel belongs to we. 

I love you.

- Tahawa Eli iTruth