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We channel the essence of rising up into new heights, working in unity, becoming abundant, living infinitely and living limitlessly!

At Soul Ascension Healing Arts, we don't just offer trainings and retreats - we offer life and spiritual experiences rooted in community, heart space and a deep connection to our higher selves! From our destination Yoga Teacher Trainings, energy healing retreats, yoga retreats and detox retreats, everything we do is done with love and consciousness.

Explore our YTT trainings, healing arts programs and retreats and see what calls to you!


A community RIsing To the HEights we Deserve!

At Soul Ascension Healing Arts we are a growing and evolving group of Energy Healers, Yoga Teachers, Craftspeople, Musicians, Artisans, Communities, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in the True and Budding Consciousness of Humanity we all strive to become! We are and want you to be; living freely, abundantly, joyfully, blissfully, healthily, full of love, full of energy, power, strength and infinite creative potential! Manifest your dreams along with us, Design the Reality you Deserve, Living with Spirit Healing, Moksha Soul, Full Circle Welless, Island Yoga and Beija Flor Yoga are just a few of the amazing light-spreading consciousness building companies involved in this collaborative effort to inspire, heal, expand and connect millions across the globe into their true hearts, true friends, true family and true life! Are you ready to join us in the Soul Ascension process the time is NOW!



meet the SOul Ascension lEaders


Eli Kaiser & Molly Warner

Leaders in their own right within the Healing, Spirituality and Yoga Industry, they are highly experienced Energy Healers, Yoga Teachers, Business Owners, Facilitators, Destination Retreat and Training Leaders and Course Spaceholders. This collaborative community effort has come together to raise each other up as we raise you up! They have their specialities, their quirks, their expertise and their devotion, in different ways.

 Get to know them individually down below!


“As I raise my vibration into oneness my self and my path, my Consciousness expands beyond what I have ever thought possible” 


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