March 6th, 2019

The path of deepening authenticity is an interesting journey. To know thy self they say. Gurus and masters supposedly reached levels higher than our own that we look to, in order to relieve our suffering, whose responsibility is the  suffering of humanity? Level of attainment to enlightenment can teach nothing but to turn the compass of inquiry inside. The eternal inquiry of the self reminds us everything within is outside of us as well and every moment is a reflection.

I can not understand how my self has chosen to allow the suffering of an entire species yet in looking in the world if my self is here then I must have chosen this experience along with everyone else. What I know now after living this life for a short yet seemingly incredibly long 27 years is that in comparison to what I came here with this life is a blip in an infinitely spiralling timeline of evolutions. What I have found in my inquiries of my "Self" here on this earth is that I am not my "Self" I am not what or who i truly know I am. I Am a diluted distorted facsimile of my truth doing my best to survive in a reality which makes little to no sense to me.  As a person who feels more than the self in this body and more than the self in this plane with memories of universal travel and instant manifestation, I know in my heart and soul that nearly everything on this planet is currently presenting itself in an expression so far from real truth that my daily choice to live here is a struggle to lie to hold the projection of who I Am expecting myself to be. The parameters of this current dimension limit my capabilities which are so deeply encoded in my immortal being that even death to me is remembered as a transition simple and as continuous as walking out your door and going for a walk.

I contemplate daily my choices as a soul to be born into a reality of paradox sold a vision of truth by the voice of creation now only to be trapped on our confusion. The many minds which run through mine are constantly chattering of their pain. I may know you and I may not and I do know that your thoughts run deeper and much farther than you think and I know that the thoughts of a child in pain resound through the earth like a thunderstorm washing rain in such a downpour that it soaks us to the bones with the exact emotion the suffering one feels. Each of us is a child of the universe and there are nearly 8billion children of gaia in human form on this earth. There are an immeasurable of sentient beings on this earth. If you can see it it is sentient as if you see it is consciousness. The programmed reality we see is so sophisticated that we are missing yet another immeasurable number of sentient beings which live all around us at all times. This is on purpose. This is limiting us from our true power. To make the unbelievable possible again is where our freedoms lie. To believe in the beings and powers of universal flow we have forgotten and to throw away the paradigms of programmed realities convincing us to continue to feed the systems of slavery and illusions even on our work which seeks to break them.

Often I feel myself is in a rock and a hard place,  a trap so to speak. I know there is a doorway to the other side of life and I am here to open it. The beings I have recollected since I was a child a indescribable and they are real I may falter in my trust and I may falter in my faith because nothing I know to be true functions in this current dimension. Density is time evolution slowed down. We are being tricked and all of us are still blind. Until we can see the faeries, dragons, angels and wizards within us, until we can feel every feeling across the earth inside of our minds and hearts as if it is our own thought and we know our hands are joined through every realm, until we feel every drop of water and hear the community of people within them creating life in the earth, until we recognize mother earth as a person, until we recognize each other as the same person, until we promise to harm none especially ourselves, until we throw away the conditioning of mindless consumption feeding the system of funnels of wealth, until we think of community before ourselves, until we lift others up as equal, until we end corruption, until we see animals as people and trees as communities, when we see the realities we know in our hearts, our experiences of medicine our meditations our yoga, when we wake up and know that we can fly, know, believe and follow through I believe we are still blind. I am not speaking some metaphorical new age bullshit woo woo blabber. This is truth, this is ancient. This is older than the earth itself. This is Gaia, Unci Maka, Pachamama, Ima Adama, Mother Earth. You are her and every day we choose to cut into her body without asking, even as I type on this device made from mining and petroleum I am agreeing to continue harming the mother and myself. My only hope is that even though many days all I pray for is an escape back "home" to the lands of infinite creation and ever changing realities of true will power galaxies and spirits at our fingertips holding us in waves of love as we travel the multiverse rewriting the wrongs we've perpetuated in our different forms. I have been the destroyer I have been the abuser I have been the addict i have been the success i have been the teacher i have been the musician I have been hungry never starving I have been thirsty never deprived I have been grateful never satisfied I have hated living as a human and wanted to die yet not given up I have been a liar I have been the truth I have had integrity I have not I have been in anguish I have realised it is not so bad or it could be worse. Every day I feel guilty for being a "have" while my own ancestors bloodlines are the "have nots" every day I convince myself to keep going because there "must be a way to heal myself and really want to live, there must be a way to heal the earth and bring humanity back to truth, there must be  a way to enter the real world". Every day I have to convince myself that I am doing something worthwhile in this human prison and truthfully it has given me a countless number of gifts. I am learning that it is in the devotion to constantly removing the layers of deep seated/seeded ancestral pain, conditioning, trauma and through the admission of my own suffering and need for help my self expands. I am learning that as i begin to understand feelings which are not my own and really integrate the why i am connected to the visions of pain in my head my self expands and learns. The universe or whatever you call it is willing to give is gifts when overcome our challenges. Seems fucked up I know. This is how I believe it works: the perceptions if self limitations limit our reality and paint the daily picture of the most likely programmed pathway set by control forces, our thoughts and belief in our selves can only go so far until we break through the thought barriers which create our limitations some of these originate within us but many are energetic wave forms and overlays from all the electromagnetic distortions holding the illusion in place, the desire for control has set upon us an infinite number of mind traps which are actually in origin "external" to know the aura is very important in this case since thoughts can be picked up in the aura and some thoughts are being slingshot at us at light speed to oppress us all. When we break our own mental barriers we deflect and reverse these thought waves and turn them into truth and affirmations of healing. Everytime you heal yourself and clear your mind you creat a rainbow rain of thought waves which spread across the earth everytime we experience our pain express it and release it we transmute the storms of suffering and in turn eventually re-create reality itself. I am reminding myself to be patient. Sometimes I feel myself losing grip on wanting to be. When I know it is so easy to exist in a million other places at once, yet something calls me to stay. Often the convergence of universal information  flying into my brain keeps me up or wakes me up at 200 in the morning, maybe you have some information for us too. I have no idea if anything I say matters but the words just come out and i know they will reach someone.

If i had an answer i would give it to you freely. For now i have tools to get us closer. As much as I can I am here for you as much as I am am healing for you I know you are doing the same for me. Even though i may not always be there when you want me to be i am always thinking of you because I can't shut my mind off anyways. If I have met you you are on my mind. If I have worked with I feel your feeling and I hear you thinking in whispers and chatter dreams and journeys and in these whispers I know you are growing. If I have known you I am praying for you. If I do not know you I am praying for you you are my relative. May we all remember who we truly are.

February 14th, 2019


One day we will all remember who we are and the gateways of divinity will open to show us the great ceremony of life once again. We will drum and we will dance and the earth will shake and change. We will fly and we will sing and everything will expand into a great revealing of truths from all levels of consciousness. I invite the divine consciousness of the all that is to remind us all of divine love which flow between and within everything. One day we will all remember the truth within us all and I believe in you that you already do. Thank you for being patient with the return of the truth. Thank you for being patient to be here on this earth as we pray for the reawakening of the divine goddess spirit of mother Gaia her awakening is the return of sacred spaces in all the places of this earth. The divine ceremony of life will dance us through the destruction and mother Gaia will weave waves of light and breathe the wind through our souls to purify and cleanse the consciousness mutilated by fear. This great cleansing will force out all sickness lovingly and prepare us to lie down in the living embrace of a patch of nature regrowing over the cold concrete skeleton of a dying society. The mother is calling you to awaken and the waves of conscious co creation lifeforce of the kundalini golden palace of divine union flows through every circle of consciousness in the infinite spiral of all time. Words upon words could not explain the pictures in my mind but to listen inside and these very same picture you will find.

- Tahawa Eli iTruth

November 10, 2018

eli kaiser.PNG

Joy embraces my being my soul my light into expansion and love as I dig through the soil of my shadows and plant the seeds of light deep within my depths

I am the earth and I am the universe of my own creation as my soul occupies this vessel I open to the truth of understanding my wounds as I reflect the truth of my being through ego 

Ego teaches me that I am still attached to the realms of pain stuck within the universe of my light I am light and I will overcome to rise above and climb above the space of pain to the space of truth from the language of the heart

When we speak truly from the peace and the language of the heart we can truly be heard and we can truly listen in the expression of the deep pain of the wound from the emotion which created it we spread fear finding the depth of truth and feeling it from a place of love opens alchemical transformation

Lead is poison to the body and emotions can be like the lead stuck inside of us through intention and deep focus of alchemical energies from the cosmic universe we can harness the light waves and pressure codes necessary to transmute the poisons of density within us into alchemical gold the light within us is made of gold if we allow the divine teachers within and all around us to bring us the forces of the golden chain of teachings from source everyone is a guru

Entering this current trapped state of mother Gaia cause cognitive dischord in the brain as a soul coming from places beyond the poisons of realities consuming control. The consumption of control is the alchemy which turns the gold inside of us to poison and turns the oxygen around us to carbon and the water withing us and us is our mother earth, into pain. 

When we take from the oceans and spill the blood of our brothers and sisters into the rivers into the sea with no regard for the truth of the golden light inside of every being animals of all kinds we poison the purity into pain. I love myself. I love my ocean. I love my universe. I love my mind. Water changes as thoughts flow vibrations of light. Crystalline transformation embodies each day and night and the great release of fear begins with the admission of misplacement. How right can one feel in a reality of lies? I love myself. I accept myself. I am love. I am comfortable. I am safe. 

As we are the writers of our own realities and the designers of the greater universe the grid is made of love. I come from love. I come from truth. Our bodies are one we are one with the earth. Can you feel her pain? 

Even in my own suffering I am always learning as the observatory of my brain contains personalities of all time as spirit beings communicate in electrical wavelengths I find understandings in my learnings as I shine my own light through my shadows. Have you seen your truth yet? Are you sure? I am confident. I am powerful. I am truth. I am the power of my solar plexus shining sunlight over darkness of demons of consciousness thought forms stuck from a grieving race? Why do we perpetuate pain? I am happy. I am grace. I am free. I am truly me. I will be all that I always need to be
I will see the truths I need to see. 

How are you today? How are we today? How is mother earth today? How is she today? How is he today? What are we feeling today? Every being holds an electrical signature which transmits its vibration into the earth through dna left from life in the physical plane. When we bleed the earth cries. The electrical signal of every disregarded life or being left behind, eyes turned blind to suffering, blasts out into the electrical network of the mycelium and all plants. The plants breathe out the signals of instinct. Have you ever felt anxious? Why would the trees feel anxious? Why would animals feel anxious? Why would the air breathe anxiety? Every life left behind puts out a call for help and every being on the earth feels this distress call every day without even realizing it. 

When will the bough break? When will the cradle fall? Who will be there to catch the baby? Who cares enough to catch us as we fall? I love myself. I love the earth. I love my brothers. I love my sisters. I love the animals. I love my family. I love us all. I am love. I am light. I am powerful. I shine bright. 

As I channel my divine mind for the search of truth to be here to find reality I open to the being of my mind. I am open to change and I embrace it all the tough times the struggles the flight and the fall. As I spin my webs of words to send out sacred vibrations I pray that the healing spreads through all nations as light entrances my soul with divinity I pray for us all to remember our infinity. I feel the earth beat heartbeat beneath my feet as the bird sings the sounds of the sea the trees breathe my breath into me all is connected. As I pray with my medicine sacred plants in my hand transmitting the transmutations of the ethers i stand with blessing of the return of the light I put out through my being as I pray for the might to go on each day. I am you and you are me. As I breathe what the trees breathe we breathe what you breathe and we can hear everything. Breath contains your fears, emotions, thoughts, crystallized into water into energy into prana from divine light flowing in quantum time with the miracle of nature. I breathe and I hear your pain and the pain of a lost child. I see the sun shine in my 3rd eye and remember the desserts of Africa. I see the ocean in my home and watch the machines as they roam and remember a time beyond my life where all things were clear and the majesty of nature was observation. 

Do you trust your mind? I trust myself I love myself I am love.

- Tahawa Eli iTruth