Valentine's Day

February 14th, 2019


One day we will all remember who we are and the gateways of divinity will open to show us the great ceremony of life once again. We will drum and we will dance and the earth will shake and change. We will fly and we will sing and everything will expand into a great revealing of truths from all levels of consciousness. I invite the divine consciousness of the all that is to remind us all of divine love which flow between and within everything. One day we will all remember the truth within us all and I believe in you that you already do. Thank you for being patient with the return of the truth. Thank you for being patient to be here on this earth as we pray for the reawakening of the divine goddess spirit of mother Gaia her awakening is the return of sacred spaces in all the places of this earth. The divine ceremony of life will dance us through the destruction and mother Gaia will weave waves of light and breathe the wind through our souls to purify and cleanse the consciousness mutilated by fear. This great cleansing will force out all sickness lovingly and prepare us to lie down in the living embrace of a patch of nature regrowing over the cold concrete skeleton of a dying society. The mother is calling you to awaken and the waves of conscious co creation lifeforce of the kundalini golden palace of divine union flows through every circle of consciousness in the infinite spiral of all time. Words upon words could not explain the pictures in my mind but to listen inside and these very same picture you will find.

- Tahawa Eli iTruth