November 10, 2018

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Joy embraces my being my soul my light into expansion and love as I dig through the soil of my shadows and plant the seeds of light deep within my depths

I am the earth and I am the universe of my own creation as my soul occupies this vessel I open to the truth of understanding my wounds as I reflect the truth of my being through ego 

Ego teaches me that I am still attached to the realms of pain stuck within the universe of my light I am light and I will overcome to rise above and climb above the space of pain to the space of truth from the language of the heart

When we speak truly from the peace and the language of the heart we can truly be heard and we can truly listen in the expression of the deep pain of the wound from the emotion which created it we spread fear finding the depth of truth and feeling it from a place of love opens alchemical transformation

Lead is poison to the body and emotions can be like the lead stuck inside of us through intention and deep focus of alchemical energies from the cosmic universe we can harness the light waves and pressure codes necessary to transmute the poisons of density within us into alchemical gold the light within us is made of gold if we allow the divine teachers within and all around us to bring us the forces of the golden chain of teachings from source everyone is a guru

Entering this current trapped state of mother Gaia cause cognitive dischord in the brain as a soul coming from places beyond the poisons of realities consuming control. The consumption of control is the alchemy which turns the gold inside of us to poison and turns the oxygen around us to carbon and the water withing us and us is our mother earth, into pain. 

When we take from the oceans and spill the blood of our brothers and sisters into the rivers into the sea with no regard for the truth of the golden light inside of every being animals of all kinds we poison the purity into pain. I love myself. I love my ocean. I love my universe. I love my mind. Water changes as thoughts flow vibrations of light. Crystalline transformation embodies each day and night and the great release of fear begins with the admission of misplacement. How right can one feel in a reality of lies? I love myself. I accept myself. I am love. I am comfortable. I am safe. 

As we are the writers of our own realities and the designers of the greater universe the grid is made of love. I come from love. I come from truth. Our bodies are one we are one with the earth. Can you feel her pain? 

Even in my own suffering I am always learning as the observatory of my brain contains personalities of all time as spirit beings communicate in electrical wavelengths I find understandings in my learnings as I shine my own light through my shadows. Have you seen your truth yet? Are you sure? I am confident. I am powerful. I am truth. I am the power of my solar plexus shining sunlight over darkness of demons of consciousness thought forms stuck from a grieving race? Why do we perpetuate pain? I am happy. I am grace. I am free. I am truly me. I will be all that I always need to be
I will see the truths I need to see. 

How are you today? How are we today? How is mother earth today? How is she today? How is he today? What are we feeling today? Every being holds an electrical signature which transmits its vibration into the earth through dna left from life in the physical plane. When we bleed the earth cries. The electrical signal of every disregarded life or being left behind, eyes turned blind to suffering, blasts out into the electrical network of the mycelium and all plants. The plants breathe out the signals of instinct. Have you ever felt anxious? Why would the trees feel anxious? Why would animals feel anxious? Why would the air breathe anxiety? Every life left behind puts out a call for help and every being on the earth feels this distress call every day without even realizing it. 

When will the bough break? When will the cradle fall? Who will be there to catch the baby? Who cares enough to catch us as we fall? I love myself. I love the earth. I love my brothers. I love my sisters. I love the animals. I love my family. I love us all. I am love. I am light. I am powerful. I shine bright. 

As I channel my divine mind for the search of truth to be here to find reality I open to the being of my mind. I am open to change and I embrace it all the tough times the struggles the flight and the fall. As I spin my webs of words to send out sacred vibrations I pray that the healing spreads through all nations as light entrances my soul with divinity I pray for us all to remember our infinity. I feel the earth beat heartbeat beneath my feet as the bird sings the sounds of the sea the trees breathe my breath into me all is connected. As I pray with my medicine sacred plants in my hand transmitting the transmutations of the ethers i stand with blessing of the return of the light I put out through my being as I pray for the might to go on each day. I am you and you are me. As I breathe what the trees breathe we breathe what you breathe and we can hear everything. Breath contains your fears, emotions, thoughts, crystallized into water into energy into prana from divine light flowing in quantum time with the miracle of nature. I breathe and I hear your pain and the pain of a lost child. I see the sun shine in my 3rd eye and remember the desserts of Africa. I see the ocean in my home and watch the machines as they roam and remember a time beyond my life where all things were clear and the majesty of nature was observation. 

Do you trust your mind? I trust myself I love myself I am love.

- Tahawa Eli iTruth