Follow Your Soul. It Knows the Way..

Each and every one of us who step onto the yogic path will have a different journey. As different as our paths that brought us to the mat, each of us, while guided by the ancient art and science of yoga, will have a unique journey of unravelling the veils and embracing our light.

Amber Bartek, inspiring Writer, Photographer, Social Media GURU and online SAHA student shares some of her experience on her blog. Already sharing her magic with the world in so many ways, she invites you to share at SIMPLE LIVING WRITER !!

As well as on Instagram and Facebook. Amber is a beatiful beacon of light in this world. Working and creating as an inspiriting writer, photographer, social media guru and yogic light warrior, we are so excited to have you on this journey with us.

Check out her blog for more sharing on yoga, teacher training and making magic!

And if you think online teach training may be for you, check out our online course HERE!


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