Phoenix Rising

October 6th, 2018

soul ascension healing arts.jpg

Wow what an incredible honour and blessing to read your posts at a time when I really need everything you have shared. I speak best in riddles. 

Through sleepless nights and guiding lights pain and processing infinite fights a mind in a state always spinning always loud with memories of truth and powers unbound

Each night a crowded room and each crowded room a crowd a call a crowd calling in the visions of the past as the spinning of the future spins songs to outlast moving and flowing through the infinite vibe of the supposed glowing power of the light of divine

A tornado a volcano a bomb and a boat a sad face in a mirror and the scream of a goat the evil the beauty the mirror the fear the love the infinity the closed eyes and ears a pry of purple light transmute chosen disability into remembering abilities of powers so fine infinitely divine spinning light lines 

Shadows spinning in pits and pools visions of spirits goblins ghouls a leprechaun stole my spliff once 

Remembering the past and seeing outlasting emotions of broken devotions to chosen suffering pain of elitist oppression upon enslaved nations throughout this creation the slave driver is your own mind

Suicidal thoughts with broken sounds of the past as the flight of the eagle sees above all that is watching and waiting to seize the darkness in his talons and drop it to the centre of the sun as a song

Why are we here? Why am I?who am I and why am I? Who are we really? Questions to ask the one guide you actually have your heart yourself your being the only one to call upon when in a world disconnected and lost as a glimmer and a shimmer of spirits divine break through the crack of the shadow in the line with a whisper and a call from so far but so close just across the veil opened by your nose

Ida pingala divine shakti and Shiva spinning into union burning the bodies of pain and ignorance away in love infinite creation as the Phoenix rises again to fly high above it all and burns through the sound to the call of demons stuck in the mud who live as soil for us to grow as a seed in the darkness planted with love light the only power is Being to truly grow in this life live with spirit and be your power rise to your higher self and ascend to your soul the soul ascension is arriving and they say the time is now ask me how I know I dare you ;-)

Do you want to see the real truth of your existence or shall we allow the suffering its persistence upon our enslavement to the broken systems of a track line time line recorded program some call it the matrix now is the time of the new infinite creatrix awakening within us all from recorded to recoded rewritten in light power up glow up shine your light if we can't hear your voice we can't hear your sound which we need to bring heaven to the ground all around us like a blanket of mother earth so divine listen deeply to your heart forget about the mind 
I say this to you as I say it to myself the thoughts sounds and whispers unravelled unwell returning to alchemy of a soul of gold the darkness will burn through me and not make me cold I say this to you as I call to myself my soul is my gold my souls are my wealth I call to release my personal hell and say to the universe all beings be well at this time of the veil infinitely thinning us as Angels with wings of love we are winning and spinning infinite dimension no pensions no tension no hatred no wine no breaking the heart of humankind now praying now saying what we truly believe now opening now going to Be 

Thank you

- Tahawa Eli iTruth