Light Warrior School

July 26th, 2018

Hello dear ones,

Your beauty and light is bouncing around the web with greatness, thank you for your work. I will be working on a grid infusion of love this week as I prepare for the next big work of Teacher Training, Retreats, Ceremonies and Light Warrior school here in B.C. This august shall be wonderful. I have been receiving a message and it seems we are running out of water on the earth, it may not seem like it because it comes out of the tap........ however mama is getting very dry and we need to help her. 

The animals and people who used to hold the tradition of guiding the rain into creation have been displaced and confused, we forget to sing with the frogs in gratitude for the sacred water. I need your help to make rain in as many areas as possible because it is going to get hotter and if we want water later we need to fill up some special pockets. So fill your pockets with crystals and salt, offerings of berries and blessings of tobacco to the trees rocks oceans rivers and lakes. Please today and the next 3 days make offerings to the sacred water, pray and sing to every sip of water you drink and feel on your body, WATER IS LIFE! Truly. 


I love you all and I am grateful for your assistance. I am grateful to be able to assist you. I am grateful for your love flowing through the grid. Time to break limitations, break through possibilities, break through the matrix, reprogram the grid with our tears and laughter, joy, love, bliss, peace, water, water, water, water everywhere, water, water, water bring compassion so fair, fill the fallen flows of flight flowing flares of flying light of the feelings flowing from source, wash us all with showers of you showing light to shine upon us with the shear brightness of she. She is flowing, she is shining, she sparkles, she bubbles, in everything in our bodies. The first stage is water. SO BE IT.