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Dude - You guys are the bees knees. The cats pijamas...  whatever you wanna call it, I m so humbled and so grateful for the time we spent there on Galiano. I dont wanna say its changed my life.. but it TOTALLY HAS. Here in San fran now in a hectic city that doesnt really effect me at all. I’m just going about feeling peaceful in the buzz of this concrete jungle. I think I’ve come away with a much more centered and calm frame of mind. I want to thank you guys for giving me the tools to help better myself, and for helping me come to terms with some of the experiences I’ve had in this short life of mine.
— Love Jack
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I just finished my 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Soul Ascension Healing Arts at the beautiful Ahu Lani sanctuary in honokaa, Hawaii. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by ancient trees, gorgeous horses, baby goats, dogs and incredible lush nature with ocean view, I went through a transformational journey. There are no words to fully describe and give credit to what I’ve just experienced, but I will try. Three weeks full of different types of yoga practices, profound knowledge around yoga & the Hawaiian culture as well as incredible guided meditations, colorful vegan gluten-free food with the most beautiful goddesses from around the world. This was far more than an ordinary yoga teacher training. I loved the spiritual approach, all the workshops, the powerful songs and ceremonies with plant medicine they included. Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and the volcanos, helped peeling off the deepest layers of my being and bringing up everything to the surface. It was painful, physical and emotional, it was so much fun, exciting, full of love, nourishing, empowering and everything at the same time. The space was perfectly held by Molly Moon 🌙 and Surya Apolzer ☀️ with so much love that I felt supported and safe at anytime. I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity and will carry the whole team and all the goddesses forever in my heart. They helped me grow to the next level. I feel so blessed and blissed out and highly recommend this program! But now it’s time for integration, lots of rest with fresh coconuts & beach.
— Julia Fiehler
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It is official, I am now a Yoga Teacher! My heart has been blasted open by this amazing experience! With multiple cacao ceremonies paired with lots of deep emotional healing and integration work huge shifts took place. Through the music and the gentle voices of our facilitators I found my connection with myself and gathered the clarity I’ve been looking for. This wasn’t just a yoga teacher training, this was an entire mind-body-soul reset 3 week journey with vegan gluten free diet in a off the grid community living. I learned so so much, not just topics relating to teaching yoga, but the overall outlook on life from a new perspective. I always knew I wanted to teach but school setting never resonated with me. I knew I had to be extremely passionate about my chosen topics and that it will be something very untraditional. Since finding spirituality the doors of unlimited knowledge were opened, I then knew this was my path and that teaching the philosophy of life and the connection of mind, body, spirit is what my life will be about. I actually applied and almost attended a yoga training 2 years ago before coming to Orlando, but I hesitated and canceled. I now understand why that happened, because my Higher Self had a greater plan for me, which was attending this particular retreat! Molly Moon and her team are beyond amazing at creating an entire life transforming experience that I’m sure no other school does. I’m forever grateful for this journey and can’t wait to get back home and teach, create and manifest more magic from a place of an open heart!
— Alyona Motkina, Hawaii 2018 YTT Student

Danielle arrived in The Gulf Islands for a 7 Day Retreat and quickly decided to extend her stay by joining our 10 Day Shamanic Healing Retreat. We are so happy to have connected with her amazing spirit, and wish her all the best. We love you Danielle!

I booked a Yoga Teacher Training. What I got instead is impossible to put into words - a journey and an experience that has expanded my life in a way I could not imagine prior to leaving. Friends, family and work colleagues certainly noticed and have commented on how something very deep down inside of me seems to have shifted. I walk taller. I am glowing. I am radiant. I am confident and I am open. I am positive and full of joy. This expansive training has definitely given me way more than it has promised. Yes, I am a yoga teacher now. Yes, I enjoyed the most delicious and nourishing (raw) vegan food. Yes, I have been able to share that training with the most amazing like minded souls. I have not expected, though, to also receive what feels like 10 years worth therapy beautifully and carefully guided by Eli and Surya throughout the whole program. I am immensely grateful that they have both facilitated such an incredibly transformative yoga teacher training and have been so open to sharing from their hearts. Thank you very much.
— Andrina Hutter
I am so grateful I was able to complete my YTT here. It was an eye-opening experience that changed my life for the better. I learned about and developed my teaching skills for multiple types of yoga, grew spiritually, and was able to heal emotionally. We had amazing teachers who all contributed in their own ways to make the experience even more special. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga for their personal practice, becoming a teacher, or seeking spiritual growth. I am very blessed that I was able to train with such an inspiring group of people who give their continuous support and encouragement.
— Mari Backus
A very happy spiritually enlightened and blessed kindred spirit - I went with no expectations, just happy to allow myself to be taken on Eli and Molly’s magical spiritual carpet ride to distant blue horizons of hope, faith and dreams rekindled. The entire holistic triptych experience of completeness in body and soul was one of the most nourishing and self healing catalysts I have done. The entire experience from the venue, my fellow tribe of spiritual awakening warriors, the food, the nourishing and the enlightening of self was beyond words. Just a truly contented, whole being again. To say two tiny words like ‘thank you’ just doesn’t begin to describe my heartfelt gratitude for being able to share in Eli and Molly’s magical faerie dust sprinklings of phosferous white light. It was a true blessing.
— Amanda Holmes from South Africa
To my dear Teachers, THANK YOU! For guiding me through training, creating a safe and loving space for me to transform and opening your life journey to include me. I hope this message conveys my gratitude and love for you. I am journeying forth with a deeper yoga practice, a new skill set, limitless abundance and unconditional love.
— Mallory Jean
This was by far a complete and holistic yoga teacher training program. Not only did I receive instruction in various yoga styles, theories, asanas, and history, but I also received instruction in various types of meditation, adjustments, daily practice, teaching practice, and nutrition, accompanied by song, restoration sessions, and genuine support for growth. An “omazing” experience! My 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with the teachers of Soul Ascension Healing Arts was by far the most self-enlightening, personal transformation I have experienced in my wide range of professional learning endeavors.
I have worked with my body from a young age, having received ballet training from principal dancers at New York City Ballet, as well as modern dance instruction from headliners of Momix and Pilobolus, along with Pilates, yoga, and various fitness trainers. Although I know I have benefited from all these other ventures I have embarked on, it is this sole experience that has allowed me to be break free of my own barriers and be confident in sharing my yoga practice as a teacher as well as a forever student.
Under the individualized guidance of the instructors Molly Warner and Eli Kaiser, I was provided with a program that not only educated me about the history of yoga, how to teach the many styles of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin, I also learned how to meditate and teach meditation, the importance of nutrition in healing the body within, as well as the role of the physical anatomy of the body in developing and deepening a yoga practice.
I personally left this teaching training empowered and uplifted, authentically connected to the practice of yoga and its healing benefits. These three instructors each possess unique gifts that invite teachers in training to go within, find love and healing for themselves, and then emanate that knowledge as yoga teachers.
— Erika Carlson

Are you considering taking The Soul Ascension Healing Arts 200 hour yoga teacher training program?! We'd love to have you join us! Learn more about what we offer at SAHA from Amanda. Amanda Schuler Davidshofer completed her 200 Hr YTT program with us in July of 2017. We love you Amanda!

Taking Molly and Eli’s Ascension Yoga Training is not to be missed. After having the opportunity to be a yoga teacher for 4 years, taking many additional trainings, the Ascension Yoga program revitalizes you as a person first so you can be of more value when you choose to teach others. As I learned techniques to release, and replenish myself inwardly, I find myself able to transfer these many feelings of light, love and healing to clients.
— Nancy J Kekst, RYT 500 Yoga Instructor
I’m so grateful I chose to do my teacher training with Molly & Eli. They were amazing teachers, each with their own facets of expertise that meshed beautifully together. After finishing this training I felt completely confident teaching my first classes. The open atmosphere of this training allowed for our group to tune into deep physical, emotional, and spiritual levels - I know every one of us left that training expanded in body, mind, and soul. We definitely tuned into to the true core of yoga, while still learning the practicals of applying it as a teacher. Big Pine Key is a great place to escape the noise and focus on truly deepening your practice. Beautiful sunsets, experiences, conversations, and connections with beautiful people. If you’re considering a yoga teacher training: these are the people, this is the place, and now is the time to do it. It will enrich your understanding of yourself, deepening your experience in every moment after, while giving you the means to share this open space with others and cultivate real connections.
— Richard Robbins

Ramani graduated from our yoga teacher training in the spring of 2017 and immediately became part of the family. She inspired her son to attend our YTT and now they're both SAHA certified yoga teachers! Congratulations to you both- we love you!

Soul Ascension Yoga went way above and beyond expectations in helping me reach my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. I recommend this school to everyone looking to change their lives both in and out of the yoga room. At the age of 48 I decided to follow my dream of becoming a yoga instructor. I figured after having three children who are all out of school now it was time for “Mom”. So I enrolled in the Soul Ascension School for the 200-hour YTT. I just wanted to teach yoga poses to students - pretty simple right? Well there was so much more and I had to really dig deep, much deeper than ever before. Eli, Molly and Jolie could not have been more amazing through every step of my spiritual journey – yes, spiritual! Not just yoga postures! I had always put myself last at everything, for as long as I could remember. I literally had no love or appreciation for myself. After three of the most OMazing weeks of my life (no exaggeration) I found a new Michelle who could even repeat these three words and mean it: I AM LOVE! I continue to work hard embracing this new life, this new spirituality both in and out of the yoga room. I am still in contact everyday with all 8 of my yoga sisters and if I ever have a question, or a problem I know Eli, Molly and Jolie are a phone call away. I am grateful beyond words for my yoga family. I embrace each day, each moment, with love, compassion, and gratitude. I look forward to the next 48 years.
— Michelle Smith, Proud Graduate of Soul Ascension School of Yoga April 2016
There aren’t words to fully express my experience and the gratitude I feel for what I learned and am able to share with others now, but here are my comments from the heart. Words that come to mind about my April YTT training with Molly, Eli, Jolie and fellow trainees are wonderful, enlightening, supportive, heartfelt, passionate, engaging, fun and growth-filled. Our team of trainers were like none I have ever had in my past, and the ones I’d always longed for. Their support, encouragement and knowledge far exceeded my expectations for this training, and spread to each of us like a beautiful warm fire that ignited our souls while combining it with the cool calming sounds of their musical talents and voices. They helped me to open doors of growth that had been closed to me in the past, while having fun all along the way, even on the most challenging of days. I not only grew in my physical knowledge about yoga because of the in-depth curriculum they provided about the history and foundations of the practice of yoga through to the modern day understandings of yoga in the western world, but also my emotional and spiritual life has grown through the care and concern they showed throughout the training, and tools they provided to help me to think in new ways about the world, this existence and myself and relations to others. I feel a sense of joy about life that I had not experienced before this training, and love sharing with others, and am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared this experience with so many beautiful souls. Namaste.
— Lisa, Soul Ascension School of Yoga 200-hour YTT Graduate, April 2016
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I think that a person makes the decision to join a Yoga Teacher Training at a point of pivot in their lives. Not everyone can take leave of their families, jobs, and lives to devote such concentrated time to themselves. But from I what I noticed and experienced, this pivot indicates a realization that you have been neglecting to listen to your heart (or gut, or intuition, or whatever you want to call it) and you want to remember how.
I came to my yoga teacher training thinking that I wanted to grow physically strong and powerful, learning all the complicated moves I’ve seen people perform in classes and online - a primarily superficial and athletic endeavor. The first week frustrated and shocked me, I was ill prepared to talk about my emotions and spirit. Spirit! This isn’t even a word I ever felt comfortable using before my teacher training. Yes! I’d watched plenty of people in testimonials explain their spiritual growth, but I thought that wasn’t for me, that I could float above and ignore all that. But sitting with yourself and being surrounded by the loving net of those practicing with you will turn anyone honest. I realized that I didn’t come to try to be an acrobat - I came hoping to rebuild my self and personality. And what I found is that I didn’t have to rebuild anything - that I was there, but I was a little dusty. And I found that yoga is, for me, a daily dusting off of myself. Honoring, respecting, and keeping beautiful and clean!
And then once I realized that, I found that I was getting pretty strong, pretty flexible, and those complicated postures were starting to happen.
Thank you to my guides and instructors. I realized more each day what you have give to me and I love you dearly.
— Kat White
Molly & Eli both made my training experience literally unforgettable and very life changing!! The deep level of love and compassion they have for their students is felt greatly and made the whole experience just amazing. And being that training was in the beautiful fl keys that made it even better because I got to leave the distractions at home and completely submerge myself and in just those 21 days I grew and learned sooo much and I am full of nothing but love and gratitude for the magic that occurred while undergoing my yoga teacher training.
— Gabi Zamor
I was fortunate to complete a 200 YTT with SAHA in Big Pine, Florida in April 2016. My experience was one deeply rooted in learning, love, and healing. Molly & Eli created an interactive and perfectly paced learning environment that encouraged us all to open up, wake up, and tune in to the universe and infinite wisdom within. If you are looking for an experience that will help take you to the next level, this is the school for you.
— Dana Eaton
Where to begin? I thought I would leave this training today saying ‘that was the hardest thing I have ever done’.I can instead express it was the greatest, most joyous, deepest, challenging, phenomenal exploration. A full breakdown of barriers, coupled with the laying of new foundations. Time sped up and slowed down simultaneously and an intense vortex of learning, loving, and laughter ensued!
The diversity accompanying the education is incomparable to any educative experience I have had before and surpassed all expectations. I keep wondering how can fully communicate the experience to others in ‘just’ words- if only other people could just feel my emotions! I feel held and supported and believe my journey with these teachers has just awoken and taken its first baby steps. A beautiful feeling of continuity rather than ending. I will be spreading your message and your light and I respect every element of each of you personally, the way in which you interact with the world and the way that you teach. Keep in touch my sister and brother and teachers and friends.
— Mollie Mendoza
This past April I attended the Soul Ascension Yoga Teacher Training at Full Circle Wellness in beautiful Big Pine Florida. I had some training prior, but this specific Teacher Training was the most powerful and transforming experience of my life.
Going into this training I was a little nervous because I knew that every insecurity I had would be lifted to the surface and be revealed. Through the guided meditations and other techniques, I was taught how to identify my emotions that did not serve me, to understand where they came from, and to move through them in a positive and productive way. Through it all I found the courage to forgive myself for any negative past thoughts and actions, while realizing that it was an essential part of my personal growth. Due to the intensity of the experience there was a moment in my training when all the toxic energy inside of me from my past was being released; the guilt and negative judgments that I held in my mind and muscle tissues were rising and coming out of my body! The release was profound!
Since the training I am so much happier. I make more time for yoga and meditation, which dramatically reduces my anxiety and mental chatter, leaving me with a deeper sense of contentment. The focus on organic, living foods in the meal plan has inspired me to improve my diet at home. My music career is blossoming as I now have the confidence to say, “No” when I need to, and to ask for what I need. This has allowed me to have the schedule I want, leaving more time for family and self-care. Yoga is a constant guide for me to make deep and positive changes within myself.
— Molly Gene
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I attended the Yoga Teacher Training in Big Pine Key, Florida during January of 2016. It was a life changing experience. We learned about Yoga and so much more. It was wonderful connecting with a fantastic group of fellow students. The teachers/facilitators are amazing, well informed, mind expanding people to be around. Don’t miss the next opportunity to expand your consciousness and learn more about yourself and Yoga. Love and Light.
— Debra Leeann Wilson
I am so grateful you guys have us teach the free class to the public down there. It gets all the first time jitters out. I start teaching next week & I’m not so afraid because I’ve already done it. I appreciate you. With every atom and cell in my body, & fiber of my DNA. You guys changed my life.
— Shelby York

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