meet the SOul Ascension lEaders

Leaders within the Healing, Spirituality and Yoga Industry, they are highly experienced Energy Healers, Yoga Teachers, Business Owners, Facilitators, Destination Retreat and Training Leaders and Course Space Holders. These two have come together to raise each other up as we raise you up!  

 Get to know them individually down below!


Molly Warner

Molly has been living the practice of yoga for the past 14 years and has a passion for guiding the awakening wild spirit. As an E-RYT 500, she focuses on all aspects of yoga: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and brings these facets together to create a meditative space where we can each dive into the depths of ourselves. She has specialty training in Yin and Kundalini Yoga, while also loving and working with the transformative fires of Vinyasa! She is a dynamic facilitator, guiding her students to make their own discoveries and realize their own true nature – one of infinite potential. Molly offers her yoga teacher teachings in the Southern Gulf Islands off the West Coast of Canada and around the world, and facilitates ceremonies as well as healing and empowerment workshops. She brings with her the magic of song wherever she goes.

As an Intuitive Healer, she works through modalities such as Indian Head Massage to bring release and relaxation to the areas where deep tension is held in the body – in the neck, shoulders and head. Working also with the Black Pearl Healing Technique,Molly clears emotional and physical traumas by working on the Central Nervous System, the Circulatory System, Meridian Pathways, Internal Organs, and Electrical energy systems. This technique also clears traumas held in the Amygdala neurons in the brain, which process memories associated with emotional events, completing the healing process with a Spinal Flush to discharge stress and regulate the Central Nervous System, leaving you feeling emotionally and physically clear and powerful! 

Eli Kaiser

Eli has been working to help others on energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical levels since he was a child and has devoted his life full time to this practice. Yoga is a beautiful medium to work with as a healing system and has been a large part of his own healing journey. He is an E-RYT 200 and teaches workshops and courses that give Registered Yoga Teachers Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance. Through his Intuitive Training Courses, he offers students teachings in Energy Healing, Shamanism and Ceremony. Based in Vancouver BC and traveling throughout the world to spread the Light, he is a practiced Energy Healer, Light Worker, Intuitive Medium and Raw Vegan Chef. As well as regularly running group classes, he also offers private classes in any of these areas - get in touch to find out more! 

As I raise my vibration into oneness with my Self and my path, my Consciousness expands beyond what I have ever thought possible.
— Eli Kaiser, Divine Light Energy Healing Level 3: Creating Ripples

Surya Hawaii.jpg

Surya Apolzer

Surya is a dynamic yoga and energy-healing teacher, lightworker, sound healer, intuitive medium, forever student and lover of all beings and all things outdoors. She believes that peace on earth is possible, and healing the self shows the way. Through her own healing journey, she has learned to connect deeply with her body, mind and spirit through yoga and meditation to achieve great insight, healing and bliss. Allowing her intuition and her heart to guide her, she is dedicated to serving those on their healing path, so that they too may experience great insight, healing and bliss. Surya will guide you through yoga classes to stretch and strengthen your body, and relaxation techniques and guided meditations to open and expand your mind. She is an E-RYT 200 & RYT 500, who has been sharing her love and passion of yoga for 12 years as a teacher in communities around the world. She was blessed to experience her yoga teacher training on the banks of the Ganges River in India, where she studied Hatha Yoga.

Jill Apolzer - Tree Pose Womad New Zealand.jpeg

Still to this day, Hatha is her favorite practice as she feels it allows time and space to create a pocket of stillness to embrace all that is this moment in complete oneness, unity and presence. In this space, gentle exploration and healing can unfold patiently and organically. Surya also loves to explore moment in the flowing graces of Vinyasa, and enjoys dipping her toes and at times diving head first into the transformative fires of Ashtanga, and always loves coming back to the sacred release of Yin. Her playful nature and caring heart create a nurturing space that allows her students to dive deep into the depths of themselves, becoming vulnerable enough to heal, in a safe and supported environment.

In her energy healing and lightwork, Surya is trained in Reiki and Integrative Energy Healing modalities. She blends intuitive healing techniques, including the healing power of song and sound vibrations, shamanic healing and channeling spirit and higher dimensional beings of unconditional love to support, clear and remove past, present and future emotional traumas and energetic blocks that lead to physical illnesses in the body. In her healings, she works with rattles, drums, chimes, voice and song vibration, other musical instruments and sacred healing plants.

Surya is also very passionate about youth empowerment and supporting the children to recognize their natural gifts and sensitivities as strengths to be cultivated in a nurturing, safe and supportive environment, connected closely with family, community, and our sacred mother earth, so that we may ALL live in peace, happy and FREE, as is our birthright!

The children are the light, just give them a stage and their messages will heal the world. Remember, that you have everything that you need. You are the answer to your prayers! May all beings be healthy and whole, may all beings be happy and FREE!
— Surya

Lady Bouley Pic 2018.jpeg


Lady Bouley, Photographer, Filmmaker, and Yogi is a nomadic psychonaut from Atlanta, Georgia who finds inspiration in discovering unique environments and exploring the depths of those she meets along the way.


In 2016, her exploration led her through Asia where she had the extraordinary opportunity to volunteer as a photographer for a Nepalese NGO, United Nepal. Her insights and photographs were later published in her first book, Travel Now, Pay Later. In 2017, Bouley joined the Soul Ascension Healing Arts (SAHA) team as a full time photographer and filmmaker for their spiritual documentary project. She currently travels internationally with SAHA collecting musical performances and intimate conversations within the conscious communities their project aims to unite.


Cherise Raflik

Cherise was the first baby in America to be diagnosed with celiac, so she's had a lifetime of finding creative ways to make allergy free foods taste AMAZING. Then she discovered healing plants and now works with food as medicine to create unbelievable dishes that bring healing and joy to everyone who eats her food. She attended Clayton College for Natural Health where she studied different fields of natural health from around the world and took classes in Chinese Medicine focusing mainly on healing food.

Cherise and Molly 2017.jpg

Every day for at least one of the daily meals, someone declares, "THIS is the best meal I've had in my life!"Cherise also enjoys traveling around the world and spreading joy through, conversation, connection and whole, nutritious plant-based foods, filled with the healing intention of love.

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