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We are Soul Ascension Healing Arts, a multi-faceted multi-dimensional team of souls on their way to their full potential while guiding and connecting others on the same path. Check out the video from Eli and Molly, co-creators and founders of SAHA, explaining our current projects in conjunction with our longer term documentary film.  Namaste and Aho! 

A brief introduction to our current projects and dreams. Join the movement and spread the love!

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All funding received through Patreon and our website directly supports the making of our worldwide documentary, as well as our multitude of other related projects. 

SAHA believes that our world is desperate for change, a change that comes from one conversation at a time. The SAHA documentary aims to inspire dreamers, creatives, and truth-seekers to embrace their divine purpose by planting seeds of change through a unique connection with their local community. By featuring self-established individuals within conscious communities, the documentary unites its international audience with examples and resources of how to transform their own realities.

In conjunction with the longer term documentary project, SAHA is regularly releasing related content through various media platforms. The SAHA podcast features interviews and performances with international yogis, musicians, artists, and healers. Similarly, our SAHA YouTube channel features spiritual insights, sustainable travel tips, song performances, meditations, and yoga classes.


Organic Cultivation

As we travel the world hosting ceremonies, creating music and podcasts, and filming fascinating interviews, our web of connection grows exponentially. This initial European Tour has become one of establishing relationships with friends and organisations we plan to collaborate with in the future. First, we needed to plant the seeds.

We funded this trip with our own savings, knowing that something big was to come in taking that risk. This trip has been worth every bit of money spent, and all temporary debt incurred. People in Spain, Iceland, Holland, and the UK are eager for our return next summer having arranged opportunities for us to perform in music festivals, speak at conferences, and host workshops. Now, we must water and nourish these relationships.

In trusting the universal flow, we've committed to these offers with deep gratitude despite financial uncertainty. The launch of our Patreon page and website donations is something we are very excited about, as it will provide a safety net as we journey on. It's not just about the money, it's about feeling the love and support. Together, let's watch the flowers grow.

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