Healer Chapter 1

Healer Chapter 1

By: Eli Kaiser

It may be just an idea forming, it is definitely an idea to be created. At this point I don't really know where anything is going, I do know that things have been going down the rabbit hole, in and out of the matrix, up and down through time and all over the clock for a while now, or forever. 

All i really know is that it is time to open up the can of worms which few of us are talking about and which needs all of us to speak up about. We are people and we are vulnerable, we all have pain, we all have pasts, we all have lives to live and to hopefully outlast the suffering within them. In my hope I have lost myself before and in my Truth of who I am, I think I am really finding Me now. Maybe you are looking to find yourself, maybe you already have, either way, now is the time to share your journey and to find the funny in the fu#%ery!

Some days we look like this

Even if we feel like this

As a "Healer" a "Teacher" a whatever you are identified as, in this life, right now, all I know is that you can sprinkle fairy dust on whatever you like and you can pray and sing to the light and drink lots and lots and lots of tea but whatever we do, most of us have something within going  unacknowledged. What part of you was left behind to get into the race of this evolution!?

Entrepreneurs of all kinds have so much more available to them than ever before and one of the mega waves of entrepreneurship is the spiritual wave, consciousness wave, yoga wave. Wave of industries long held as traditions now becoming commodities purely by the drive to survive by those with a calling! A purpose! A path! A DESTINY! This was me. 

The life of one in service to the path of purpose and destiny is still the life of an entrepreneur, meaning hard f#@%^&* work, sleepless nights, financial struggles, looking for escape routes, taking risks and biting off more than you can chew.

In this healing industry, spiritual and yogic transformation business, i mean traditional means of self expansion. This "industry" is leading to a very powerful movement of spirituality, healing and alternative techniques for the expansion of consciousness, becoming one of the leaders in Industry itself. All of this less than easy work is shifting all consciousness of human kind one breath at a time..... sorry my mind just works like that... this life also involves a shit tonne of travel, a huge amount of investment in EVERYTHING EVERYDAY, a heart of two sizes too big and sometimes a heart smaller than that of the Grinch himself. We are even supposed to have the foresight to remember the goal, the light at the end of the tunnel, the carrot, the pat on the back, the when the hell is this shit going to be over so I can have some peace..... oops one of those mind moments again, bare with me there is surely a golden nugget coming. 

I have reached the place in myself where my authenticity is all I have left, my vulnerability in my struggles and my need to ask for help sometimes is really the only example I have to lead any one to a better place within or without. My mission in this life is one of many and my life is one many can't lead and are not able to find the freedom to embody, however even the most free of lives can sometimes end up feeling like a prison, making one question; what is really going on here anyways? Well i have no idea, but maybe I can share my steps, slips, struggles, stories, alliterations and lessons with you and we can discover something together in this story called life. Thank you for following our journey and thank you for taking yours!


Here's to You!

Salut, Salud, Saude, 

Photo by: Lady Bouley at Laih's Laih's Happy Belly in Nederlands (Holland)