Healing Arts

January 17, 2019

the wave is now.png

In a flash and a crack everything can change and all of reality can become a wave 

In truth I have been burning in the fires of my perceived self as my prayers are answered to burn away what was who I Am. Who I am now is the same as I am always and even though parts of me have been broken and wounded I am all of them and I am one with them too. 

I am not broken but I have disrespected my soul and this has made fragments of my being. These pieces left behind are like starving children crying for the mother they lost. We are all here right now in this fragmented state as one with all reality without even realizing what separation really means. 

If we are separate from one another we are are isolated from our connection to our true selves. As I burn away the perceptions I built from my own illusions and reintegrate all the starving parts of my being left behind I recollect that I am everything I have ever been and everything I ever will be uniting into one convergence of universal energy in each moment I breathe. So I breathe more deeply in reflection of this notion as I weave an ocean of consciousness with my words. 

If you have reached out to me know that I hear you and I am with you. In any way I know we are together in this change and the burning proceeds. I feel my beingness moving through tunnels of fear and darkness as I attempt to run away from the heaven I am creating with 
"The work" while the well of information overwhelms my systems daily I scrape my claws into pits of despair to find some kind of comfort in hiding from the world I have convinced myself i do not belong within. What is this world anyways that we perceive in front of our eyes waging war on the eternal spirit and seeking the destruction of all that is powerful and sacred in this realm of mother Gaia. How can we hide from her tears any longer when it rains upon our heads with daily blessings of life and we take her grief and turn it into money? The rain can bring joy too when we dance and sing for her glory in gratitude for giving to us the very substance which gives us breath. Yet we continue to steal her essence from deep within and ask ourselves why we feel stolen from in society.

I hear myself consumed in thoughts of escaping this reality and observe and express the truths that I can not see how life can continue as it is and I can not see how I can commit to living a life in this world as it is. Sometimes i ask to leave my body and yet my mission remains. Many deadlines missed by us all leave me stranded for finding hope and inspiration again. Personal deadlines yes but the greater lifelines handed to us from the infinite cosmos pouring galaxies upon the Earth calling us to awaken have been polluted with fear blanketed and commodified. When medicine became a commodity so do our souls. 

I have been scrambling to make sense of the babbles in my brain as babbling brookes of consciousness whisper thought forms beyond my current understanding and often without my desired result flow through and I process clear and burn the thoughts which no longer serve in observation of the continuous flow of a mind listening to channels of the universe divine and all. What isn't?

If I claim anything I know it is that I am still her because I am waiting for you speak up! If there is any truth I know it is that your lost words flow through my being and they are screaming for you to say them. Just as much as mine are hidden deep inside I know that yours are too. How much inspiration do we let die because of fear? Every breath must be breathed in and breathed out and inspiration works like this. If we hold breath in too long the breath dissolves and dies away. Waiting for exhale and release to be replenished. Imagine all inspiration and creation, creative ideas flowing are just like breath only the inspiration is the inhale and the exhale is the creation in fullness and follow through in flow, appearing as envisioned with even more blessings than imagined. However if the exhale does not move forward into creation the inspiration dies and becomes waste waiting to be released. 

I have done this too many times, not finished a project, unfinished messages, so many floating ideas unmanifested holding weight over my being and telling me I am a failure and I am not worth it all the while they were my own expectations in the first place. I think too highly of myself perhaps. Ego is a funny friend sometimes but a great mirror and lesson teacher. It is important to feel the truth within the reflection of feelings expressed through allowance. I have learned the deeper I feel and the more honest I am with my authentic self and with all of reality around me the more the fires of transformation burn the old away and the waters of truth wash it all into regeneration. 

The great spirit has been guiding me on this path since I can remember and the truth is I have been exhausted since I can remember. The sickness of society ripe with daily murder, fear, oppression of millions of beings on this earth. Inequality rampant, ancestral pain flying left right and centre. Wayward spirits vying for attention calling my dreams or catching my "eye"from a window or over a shoulder. 

There is a story to this magical journey and the story will be told in pieces. I have no real understanding of what my journey holds next but I know it involves this group of people. Perhaps these words will be shared with more but the connections to the magic and miracles bouncing around the world through all of you are tangible and are blessed. All levels of suffering which flow through me are welcome and are burning, and washing. I am learning to feel the pain of the earth and her children while allowing myself to grieve my own illusions. I am learning to rewrite my mind and recollect my energies from around the universe into being to expand the consciousness that I am. I am allowing truth to flow through all that I am in the expansion of the waves of consciousness uplifting us all. 

I am ready for the next steps of my journey and I know this means many out there in the world are ready. I know I have been waiting for this for a long time and we are about to rise together as one for the infinite expansion of us all. It may take some changes upon the planet. The animals will be seen and hear. The earth will flow again. The trees will speak. The fires will burn and the water will flow as seeds of light are planted again. The air will breathe and prana expands and the mind blows open to oneness again. What if everything you have ever thought possible suddenly became possible? What if everything we think to be real and possible here in this current reality was limited from what is truly possible? What if belief and collective will are the keys to unlock infinite possibilities? I believe I can fly! Do you? I believe you can fly! Do you? 

As the fires burns the old away I allow myself to breathe in the light of a new day a new era of Self. I am ready to show mySelf to mySelf which means I am ready to share more with all of you. There is magick in the world. Magick is definitely real. Magic is in front of your right now. Music is magick. Musical magical pretty close words right. You have amazing things happening around you all day long and that is true magic. There is power in this group and there is magick in this post. Your eyes will transform the world into love and light by seeing the truth of the hidden shadows in the crevices of the wounds and cracks upon the world. Everytime our mother hurts we hurt everytime we hurt our mother hurts. Everytime we cause pain and suffering upon each other one another animals trees rocks alike people friends family lovers brothers sisters countries fathers mothers races species plants and waters we all feel the pain. For this pain and my part in its perpetuation I apologize for my ignorance and I apologize for my irreverence of your suffering. It is the Selfish I which gets lost in suffering. It is the i and i which leads to conclusion and resolution. When we truly see each other is when we truly see our mother. How can you look upon a suffering child or a suffering animal or a suffering ethnic group and turn away without even as little as a mention? How could I? For the times I have turned away and perpetuated injustice I apologize I will remember to always speak my mind. Who are we really is still the question which leads me through the deepest rabbit holes to the lightest of places!

Magic really does exist and many gifts are within us all sometimes my "gifts" feel like "curses" sometimes I feel too much and can not sleep for weeks as the onslaught of information of the universe and suffering worlds flies through my mind at a million miles per minute with pictures and movies alike to show me the truth of what I am praying for to remind me "the work" is needed. Right into tunnels of light and sacred geometry flying and playing with angel abounding from corners of the universe unknown to the naked or closed eyes and open only to those ready to let love in. To jumping through gateways portals and brains thoughtwaves patterns dreams and scenes of memories and universes and world beyond this one pulling me so close to back home. Where is home really? They say it is where the heart is and when I go into my heart and out the other side I see planets of lightwaves like spinning atoms of electricity activating sound waves vibrations gravity and velocity as souls woven from lightbeams sparkles and sounds from the cloth of the source quilt in a little light ball so round so perfect so shiny so bright so magical divine and infinite light yet surrounded by loneliness and a question beyond. Who am I really who is this "GOD" ? Lol

- Tahawa Eli iTruth