September 26th, 2018

Waiting Bliss by Cameron Gray

Waiting Bliss by Cameron Gray

In the allure of the lure of the life of power we lock illusion into vision
In the life of alluding to the power of seeing truly being truth we dissolve samsara maya into conclusion 
There is no intrusion where darkness seeks dissolution of light your light can never be diluted by the dillusional 
Enter heart centre dive in deeply to the light and find the truth is never found in i'm the fight of two worlds coming into one the truth is always found in my oneness is truth and to draw truth to me is my one 
In the centre of a spiral of light we sit with infinite life circled through us as we wander a labyrinth of light 
Ignite this light in finite conclusion to the illusion of the lost rhymes are the price and rhymes are the cost when time has been riddled with riddling lies how do we open the eyes sewn shut by desire from a liar on a pedestal to the greener grass on the other side 

Little boxes on the hillside made of ticky tacky someone sang a song to remind us of our future how do we remember the future if we forget to choose our destination who write your story history or her story something dreamed up in whoville a seussical lets return to the mmusica

Voices will rises as muses to the hearts of all creation bring inspiration to every nation as talents unbound and limitless divine unbind shackles of slavery thousands years past when still always and forever our songs do out last 

Earth is our body, water is our blood, air is our breath and fire is our spirit do your hear it in the whispers of the angels of the sky arriving within you who spread your wings and fly from the most high to the most high our praise will ride and rise the waves of rising light to end all demise all lies all suffering and pain to remove the fear and transmute it to the love we will gain infinite lyricals tragedies spinning into light so let yourself fal through the infinite spiral of all time and find yourself perched upon the heart of the sublime ones fulfilling each destiny hands held as one as we recreate the visions cast by the sun reflection and shadows dissolving into one and remembering the truth of the power of quantum mechanical light eave vibrations reconfiguring infintely every nation into vibrations of om guiding us home on waves of purity water divine moving through sound through jewels of time and I am

- Tahawa Eli iTruth