December 18th, 2018

Magic really is everywhere when we simply open our eyes to the brightened starchild within us all underneath sallow faces and solemn stares of empty eyes lies a light hidden in the dark universe of illusionary worlds

a jewel wrapped in watter.png

A simple gaze can hold connection long enough to light the spark and find infinite ways to reach the inner child starving for reality

We lose ourselves beneath the imagery and tomfoolery of presentation through imbibing of fakery the deeper self may crack open as we seek to break our spirits something unbreakable never gives up 

In a whisper deep inside everything shines within the cocoon of a reality not so real to peel of the layers of the vision of illusion is really the task the authentic self is the leader to truth in discomfort we can find layers of truth but in silence we only block them 

I choose to see the magic of the brightened star child within us all beneath the solemn gaze of wandering spirits seeking to break the unbreakable truth. We are all one.