Creating Fire from Within


Aho! and happy risings! :)

I’m writing this on day three after last night’s “midnight yoga”. As I mentioned we have no heat and as the day was spent busy with work and kids and all the things, the evening was to be some time for nabhi kriya. However, we spent the evening working with our new friend Alex.

Alex was here working on the furnace until after 10pm trying to help us warm the house, but finally he too had to go home. The truth is it would have been so easy to NOT practise last night and start again today. I was exhausted. Eli was falling asleep on his feet… but, as yoga magic would have it. Liam and Sequoia were at their after grad event and we were waiting up until at least 1:30am anyway… #noexcuses

Around midnight we finally found our way onto our mats. With a playlist offering songs each from 5-7minutes, we decided to go with a devoted, gentle, midnight nabhi kriya.

It was really the fatigue we were both fighting as we tuned in and began the leg lifts. It wasn’t long before sleep came in and our for Eli. I too faded in and out throughout the practise, but I was so proud of him as he continued to lift his legs and simultaneously fell in and out of sleep with the movement. everything in him worked to keep going and between rests (naps) he would find the way to join me for some of the kriya.

I did my best with a steady concentration on the flow of the kriyas but I will completely honest and say my dharana was not what it could have been….the thought of Coconut Bliss after finishing is what kept me going! lol

What brings you to the mat?

What brings you to the mat?

However before there was to be any “Coconut Samadhi”, we finally fell into rest in the final moments of our very long and blessed day. Warmed from building a fired within, side by side, under a pile of blankets, music still playing, our Savasana led to a long nap in our bubble while two star children safely found their way home and we all went to bed.

It wasn’t the “perfect” practise and it wouldn’t count to do this every day but there’s something magical about showing up to your mat even when you have nothing left to give…even if you’ve only come there to die this time. So we die. We let go. We humble ourselves before ourselves and we release the control. And then, we rise again…



- christina, eli & nikki

Day three starts after nourishment!

Thank you Mother Earth for providing us with the nourishment, food, water, air & a place to call home. Aho! Namaste! Sat Nam