Tuning into Nabhi Kriya

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Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

Nabhi Kriya is a Kundalini yoga practise that is often taken on as 40 Day Challenge. The reasons one takes on the challenge are different for each of us, but on some level we are all attracted to the promise complete body & life transformation… a right of passage of sorts, or “requirement” some say in order to call yourself a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, but the results this practise offers to the dedicated yogi, is equally available to anyone.

Nabhi” refers to the navel and solar plexus area. “Kriya” is a world in Sanskrit that means “action, deed, effort OR completed action”. A kriya in kundalini yoga is a set of movements specifically designed to be practised in a sequence with repetition in order to produce specific, desired outcomes. Most Kriyas involve breathing and body movement exercises with varying degrees of intensity & duration.

Another meaning of Kriya is an outward physical manifestation of awakened kundalini, such as a spontaneous body movement related to Kundalini energy flow.

It is said that 40 Days of Nabhi Kriya prepares the student to become the teacher, regardless of what you aim to teach or master in life, this practise offers a way to clear any blockages from within, releasing and clearing the old, creating space and building incredible strength to be empowered with the new light. The transformational nature of Kundalini yoga in general is known, but the butterfly effect of a 40 day kriya challenge is hard to predict for what that yoga magic will be for each individual will be entirely unique to them.

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This will be my first time doing a full 40 day Nabhi Kriya. I have done many other yoga challenges before, from 30-90days, but after attempting to start Nabhi Kriya on my own last week, I realized quickly, this was no ordinary challenge. It is not something one rushes into or takes on as a daily quick run. Nabhi Kriya is long and gets longer as you work through the 40 Days. Each movement is done for a specific number of minutes, 10 - 15minutes. Some teachers suggest you start with 3-5minutes and build up your practise; others would encourage that it is important  to practise for the full time with breaks as much as needed for the “full body” after effect of the practise. Perhaps the length of time is there for a reason and the process of shedding layers and clearing stuck energies goes beyond the physical practise. Stopping and starting the movement as needed for a longer period of time might be harder for some us rather than to power through 3 or 5 minutes as hard as possible.

Many yogi’s talk about the anger that often arise during practise - especially as the body goes through periods of fatigue (which can also be managed by ensuring proper length of savasana to incorporate the work into the bodies and auric field). Rising of emotions is not only possible but promised for most of us. Building power in our core, the Solar Plexus sacred vortex of our emotions, seat of our confidence, our power, some would say, OUR SOUL . Tears will stream and laughter will overtake you… and well, so much more I have yet to discover…

However, the day after my first practise, I could barely walk.. Granted it’s winter and I haven’t been practising every day and need to build some strength back up but I’ve recently been to kundalini yoga classes that were very hard and not only had an amazing class but felt incredible the next day!  So, I was a little in shock and decided I would wait a few days before starting again. Maybe I am more out of shape than I thought?..lol


I read more on other people’s experiences and talked to Nikki who has done it before and was both humbled and relieved to discover, I was not alone with my first attempt.. Luckily the FULL MOON was around the corner!  Time to enter a new cycle of release & empowerment.. what a perfectly aligned day to begin Nabhi Kriya. Retreats and trainings are around the corner and now is the time to build strength and power for the year ahead, shed layers of the winter and lifetimes… to take action on the seeds planted with LUNAR New Year not that long ago…  Energetically the timing was working itself out alongside the lessons I was still to get from my first attempt..

One of the most interesting and shared magic yoga “happenings” with Nabhi Kriya is synchronicity in one’s life. Setting my intention to start, despite a setback, allowed for grace to find its way and, with movement of Earth energies, the Moon and friendship, it was time to start again. What did I need to learn from my practise? What would my intentions for this challenge be upon starting again? … Synchronistically, Eli and Nikki also felt callings to Nabhi Kriya… and by the light of the Full Moon we decided to do it together!

On the Full Moon, we all took our first step on the Nabhi Kriya path!

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Eli and I started our Nabhi Kriya in our creation bubble. Side by side. Great music. Good attitude. Ready to go.. after our first set of leg lifts, and just starting our second set of double leg lifts, Eli says, “we didn't tune in”. Both of us stopped on our backs to tune in.  “Did you tune in last time?” he asked.  No… I didn’t. What started out as another excruciating practise quickly became stronger. I was immediately guided to focus on  Sat Nam in all my movements and breath. Focus came in, as did power.  So much so that before moving on to Savasana, Eli took both of us through a an amazing flow to open up our hips. it was super fun to conclude with some movement before Savasana.

Immediately after our practise I felt clear, light and bright! My body filled with Prana felt alive and aware of all sensations.  Today I have little to no pain. I feel like I exercised my body but movement is easy and light.  Kundalini Kriya yoga is a path that includes, among other things:

  • the action of yoga practise,

  • the niyamas or “observances” of what one is experiencing AND

  • the ascetic practises of chanting, sacred hymns, syllables & songs of devotion to the Golden Chain of Teachers, Devis & Devas, God & Source. 

If you are looking for total life transformation, the tools are in the box. How we use them is a completely different matter.

Niikki share her first day ( on her second Nabhi Kriya Yoga Challenge) in a text:

“Happy rising soul famlly! So last night was a big clearing for me.. lots of tears and laying around, every time I cried with pain in my heart I jus kept saying out loud I would say, “yes, I accept this Pain and Yes I dive deeper and yes I release, I release I release this” and decided to do a crown chakra meditation. So woke up and did the Nabhi Kriya, within the first few minutes tears came to my eyes and pushed through the leg lifts. Now by the time I am at work, I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated, with this work and the full moon cycle I can really feel the power of this Kriya. I am so delighted to be alive during this time in life. We are truly lucky to be given this opportunity to be given the chance to be light workers at this point in time.. love you!”


Eli says, “I feels fine” .. lol.

Day Two starts now… I am excited and also feeling like I can work harder today.. We have not heat in the house because our furnace is broken (brrrr) so I it’s a very good thing we are yogis with such an amazing heat-building practise!

We will share as regularly as possible about this 40 day journey and would love to hear from you too!

Have you done the Nabhi Kriya challenge?
What was your experience? SHARE!

Stay tuned and if any of you want to take on the challenge yourselves, I have attached the Nabhi Kriya directions below this blog. Join us and share your experience with us. It’s going to be a magical 40 Days!

May Ganesh be with us on this journey!

OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha!! Jai Ganesh. Har Har Hari!

 Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Aho! Sat nam. Namaste! Wahe Guru!

peace + love,
- christina, eli & nikki