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ONLine 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

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An exclusive 200HR Yoga Teacher Training experience, with the power to empower yourself by learning at  your pace, in your own home, fitting to your life how you need it to be, all while still becoming fully certified

Join us for this amazing adventure, experience this Yoga Teacher Training program

with connections to the facilitators throughout your experience!


 We will be consistently building and expanding our media; videos, songs, meditations and pictures! Interact with us throughout your training through the Soul Ascension Yoga Online Facebook Group! Receive the extra benefit to having the experiences of previous teacher trainings all wrapped into one multimedia, multidimensional, interactive and expansive Online 200HR Yoga Teacher Training experience!  The benefit to you is that you can sign up today and receive everything we already have but continue your access to new content for years to come if you so choose! We will be improving our OnLine YTT at least 4 times per year as we continue along with our Destination Yoga Teacher Training's around the world and as and OnLine YTT student you have the added benefit of receiving new information, new classes and workshops, new videos and songs and live music and healing meditations as we continue to expand our Healing Arts School. Delve deep into yourSelf, your Spirit and have us guide you through your healing and expansion of your body mind and soul! Understand that as soon as you register you are not simply signing up to take a course in becoming a Yoga Teacher, you are connecting yourself to a massive network and Yoga Family of healers, facilitators, channellers, teachers and amazing Alumni of our Live Programs in the Florida Keys, Nicaragua, British Columbia, Canada, Israel, and with potential for so many more amazing locations! 

The beauty of our trainings, beyond our unique program and training method, is that we provide online support, continuing education, online trainings, workshops, and much more in which our students receive ongoing discounts for after completing our training courses. 

Many of our students experience a total transformation of body mind and spirit as we offer much more than simply a yoga teacher training. This is an opportunity for you to shift your life. Go beyond the unconscious limitations that are set upon us throughout our lives and free yourself to walk a path of truly elevated consciousness. Throughout our training, which actively raises intuition and works to
integrate the understanding that we have infinite potential, students often experience deep healings, a revealing of the true self, release of past traumas, and a cleansing and clearing of the soul. 

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