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MOLLY AND ELI PREFORM AT one world music festival

Mallorca, spain - NOVEMBER 5, 2017

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On November 5, more than a hundred talented artists will come together on Mallorca to call for love for each other and the other. In these times of increasing segregation, growing refugee flows and terrorist threat, a musical message of solidarity is desperately needed. The Mallorquin NGO Mana Cultura offers Syrian, African and local performers a platform to share their arts with the islanders.

Catalunya and Her Call for Independence

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Despite the fact that Mallorca is mainly known as a carefree holiday destination, a paradise for festive Germans and zoningers, emotions are running high now that the Spanish government has declared the Catalan referendum of 1 October illegal. The Mallorquin share their language, their main routes to the mainland and a large part of their economy with Catalonia.

During the Sunday lunch the neighbors quarrel passionately about the implications of the events for Spain, Mallorca and Barcelona. "Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy should have let the population vote. Then there was AND was not a majority for independence AND no anger. Now even the Catalans who are not pro-independence will remember. "My neighbor sounds worried and frustrated:" I had a good childhood friend from Barcelona, ut now she no longer speaks to me. She does not feel Spanish, only Catalan. It's very painful for me. "

The Legacy of Franco

'It is sensitive,' explains a friend, while she is pouring a glass of sangria and stirring her glass. 'People often forget how recently Spain was still a dictatorship. We have fought for our liberties and now people are not allowed to speak again. This is not just about Catalan inahility. This is about freedom of expression. "Until 1975, Spain was a dictatorship under Francisco Franco, who ruled the country with a firm hand. His national-Catholic regime forbade Protestantism, the Catalan language and the conclusion of civil marriages. People who think differently were persecuted or worse.

The Mallorquin population holds their breath. What will happen to the country that has developed so quickly after years of civil war and oppression? Will companies move away from bustling Barcelona now that foreman Puigdemont of the Catalan pro-independence front is entering into a battle with Spain? Do the Catalans really want to separate themselves or are they convinced by propaganda and false arguments? How will Madrid respond when Puigdemont calls for independence? Nobody knows.

Multicultural Mallorca

When I cycle to Palma de Mallorca capital to distribute flyers for the One World Music Festival, I pass at least ten kebab shops, three sushi restaurants and countless African barber salons. Palma's population consists for 20% of non-Western migrants from mainly North Africa and Latin America. But now Syrians and Afghans are also making their appearance. The multicultural mix creates colorful scenes, tasty cuisine and beautiful music, but also indisputably for division. Unfortunately, people often feel threatened by what is different. What goes against the status quo - whether it is Islam, veganism or spirituality - often provokes resistance. The One World Music Festival With One World Music Festival, Mana Cultura wants to celebrate our differences. On November 5, a musical event will take place at Ca Na Susi, a beautiful location in the Mallorcan countryside. Among the performers are the African singer Omar Niang, musician Jorge Solano from the Dominican Republic and belly dancer Bibiana Casas. The day starts with a massive yoga class, after which workshops are offered continuously in the field of meditation, laughter therapy and permaculture. If you feel compelled to celebrate with us the love and music on this beautiful island, you can buy a ticket via

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Inner Peace Conference Performance by Eli Kaiser and Molly Warner - Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2017

Inner Peace Conference Performance by Eli Kaiser and Molly Warner - Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2017


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