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Leaders within the Healing, Spirituality & Yoga Industry, they are highly experienced Energy Healers, Yoga Teachers, Business Owners, Facilitators, Destination Retreat & Training Leaders & Course Space Holders.

We have come together to raise each other up as we raise you up!  

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Eli has been working to help others on energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical levels since he was a child and has devoted his life full time to this practice. Yoga is a beautiful medium to work with as a healing system and has been a large part of his own healing journey. He is an E-RYT 200 and teaches workshops and courses that give Registered Yoga Teachers Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance. Through his Intuitive Training Courses, he offers students teachings in Energy Healing, Shamanism and Ceremony. Based in Vancouver BC and traveling throughout the world to spread the Light, he is a practiced Energy Healer, Light Worker, Intuitive Medium and Raw Vegan Chef. As well as regularly running group classes, he also offers private classes in any of these areas - get in touch to find out more! 

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Sacred Médecine Music & Sound Healing Circles


christina maria

Yogi, writer & mammacita of two brilliant star seeds, Christina is inspired by the magical & the wondrous! Her life as a yogi has been filled with the exploration, study & daily practise of various styles of yoga culminating in a lifestyle deeply devoted to living artfully, mindfully & with soul purpose - sharing the magic & healing of yoga, energy & the Shamanic healing arts is a passion that has only grown & expanded throughout her journeys.

Travelling to practise & study yoga is one of the most high-vibrating & soul-nourishing experiences & Christina is blessed to have experienced many different Light Workers sharing their gifts & teachings.

Based in North Vancouver, BC, Christina is a Writer and Mother of two beautiful children.

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Cherise Raflik

Cherise was the first baby in America to be diagnosed with celiac, so she's had a lifetime of finding creative ways to make allergy free foods taste AMAZING. Then she discovered healing plants and now works with food as medicine to create unbelievable dishes that bring healing and joy to everyone who eats her food. She attended Clayton College for Natural Health where she studied different fields of natural health from around the world and took classes in Chinese Medicine focusing mainly on healing food.

Every day for at least one of the daily meals, someone declares, "THIS is the best meal I've had in my life!" Cherise also enjoys traveling around the world and spreading joy through, conversation, connection and whole, nutritious plant-based foods, filled with the healing intention of love.

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Carlee is a momma of two beautiful souls. Her life’s purpose is to support others in discovering and loving their truest selves while healing physically and emotionally.

Carlee has been a Counsellor for over 15 years, supporting others as they walk this pathway called life. Carlee is also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Essential Oil Educator. Carlee is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and the impact they can have on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.

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Carlee is honored to be offered the privilege of supporting others as they journey towards a better life for themselves.

Carlee discovered the healing powers of yoga for herself 4 years ago after experiencing post partum depression and anxiety. She knew she needed to share this gift with others in a therapeutic setting.

Carlee completed the online SAHA 200 RYT program in August 2018. Carlee has since been expanding and developing her personal yoga and meditation practice while beginning to incorporate trauma sensitive yoga in her work with her counselling clients.

Aromatherapy & Sacred Essential Oils

Carlee also loves incorporating essential oils into her yoga practice and work with clients. If you would like any support in understanding essential oils and the therapeutic qualities, please get in touch!

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