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20 day Yogawaska 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in costa rica

Yoga & shamanic arts teacher training

train and certify - deepen your practice, share your gifts!



Join Molly Warner and the Soul Ascension Shamanic Empowerment Team for your 200 hour Yoga Alliance Destination Yoga Teacher Training in Cosmic Costa Rica! This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to teach yoga in a confident, knowledgeable, and empowered way, as well as those who would like to simply deepen their yoga practice with hands-on training in adjustments, alignment, sequence-planning, philosophy, history and more! During this training, you will be supported by working with sacred healing plants of the amazon rainforest to open, cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit, to live healthy, whole, happy and FREE! You will enjoy daily yoga, meditation, healing and detoxifying foods that will revitalize your mind, body and spirit; while learning to give back to yourself in a loving and connected way to allow your truest, brightest and bravest self to shine! We will work with the divine, and on the spirit level of each person, deepening your connection with our community of humanity.  You will learn to find love within yourself and to depend on yourself ONLY as the source of INFINITE LOVE. Invite your BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST SELF to come alive, shine and be seen! This is the source of your power and the embodiment of your own inner passion and zest for life. Allow YOURSELF to rise up and be everything that YOU need in this world, because everything that YOU need, is within you! 

Please inform us of your past experience with Yoga, as your training will be tailored to your needs. We ask that you take a minimum of 10 public classes (vs. solo or online practice alone) before attending this course and have at least one year of regular independent or studio-based practice. We also accept students who are highly advanced and have options for 300-hour credit. This is an in-depth course that goes above and beyond what is required to be certified to teach, and is created for all those who are interested in changing their lives and in delving deeper into truth, health, and healing. This course is a training that fuses mind, body, soul.

*All ages, genders and backgrounds welcome. 


This is more than just a teacher training. This is an apprenticeship towards your Highest Self. 


  • Willingness to let go of what no longer serves you – even if this is uncomfortable at times.

  • Acceptance that some of the teachings come through books and lectures; some of the teachings come through music, song, mantra and meditation, and some of the teachings come in unexpected ways without words at all. You must be open to receiving the lessons in all the ways that they may come to you.

  • Past experience with yoga – we ask that you take a minimum of 10 public classes (vs. solo or online practice alone) before attending this course and have at least one year of regular independent or studio-based practice. If you have less experience, we have other options so please be in touch.

  • Understanding that we work closely with nature – deep in the forest and nestled into jungles. Sometimes it rains. We don’t hold trainings directly on the beach and this is NOT a vacation. This is a deeply life-changing, challenging, rewarding, and electrifying experience that requires effort and commitment.

  • Be willing to see the light in others. Be willing to be grateful. Be willing to let go of ego and be open to something incredible that is bigger than all of us.

If this sets your heart on fire, then you are the one who we seek.

20 Day Yogawaska 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Arrival Date: April 1, 2019

Departure Date: April 20, 2019

Location: Costa Rica, Florestral SOL Circle Medicine Community and Retreat Center

In the abundant forest of Costa Rica, tucked away in a special valley below a great green mountain where ancient Indigenous once lived is the beautiful land that is home to our Retreat Center. Ancient artifacts have been found in this area and there are many sacred sites surrounding the land. The land is touched by an ever-flowing river with cascading waterfalls, full of wild life and magic. It is in this special farm where the forest speaks and offers a sacred space of support, silence and healing for our journeys with the powerful plant spirits.

Airport transfers are not included in course investment. We can help you arrange your transportation from San Jose Airport SJO to the retreat center.

*Please send all reservations and inquiries to Retreat centers do not manage bookings. 




  • Daily yoga classes designed to bring about many forms of healing, with Shamanic teachings woven into the experience

  • Kundalini Yoga to break old habits and choose new habits to work with.

  • Yin yoga to release deep-stored emotions that cause negative habits and patterns.

  • Vinyasa yoga to strengthen the body & mind.

  • Hatha yoga to re-establish a relationship of balance and love within the body & soul.

  • Daily Mediation to cleanse the mind and open the heart.

  • Medicine ceremonies to release the old and invite the NEW.

  • Practice along with healing, live music, guided meditations and guided visualizations to bring you into the brightest Self you can be!

  • The Soul Ascension team will be available to support emotional release and offer guidance throughout your healing and teacher training journey.

  • Opening circle first night, closing circle last morning.

  • Healthy vegan and gluten free food, 3 meals per day *please inform us of any dietary restrictions*

  • This training will bring deep healing and could be the wings of change that you’ve been waiting to fly upon. You will gain the inspiration to be the person you have always dreamed yourself to be, and learn to trust in your own inner wisdom and strength.

  • Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification through Soul Ascension Yoga, a Registered Yoga School (RYS) owned by Molly Warner and Eli Kaiser and is approved for Yoga Alliance RYT-200 registration.

On days off, brunch will be prepared for all students, and food will be available in the house for you to make your own dinner or to make dinner together with the other students! You will also have the choice to go on whatever adventures you choose at your own cost as you will be totally free on your days off, with only minimal assignments and just asked to keep up with your personal practice. 




Molly Warner is a yoga teacher and intuitive healer working in the realms of yogic mysticism and divine light energy healing, aiming to inspire personal ascension into one’s highest Self through yoga, music, joy and healing! Molly has been living the practice of yoga for the past 14 years and has a passion for guiding the awakening wild spirit! As an E-RYT 500, she focuses on all aspects of yoga: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and brings these facets together to create a meditative space where we can each dive into the depths of ourselves. She has specialty training in Yin and Kundalini Yoga, while also loving and working with the transformative fires of Vinyasa! She is a dynamic facilitator, guiding her students to make their own discoveries and realize their own true nature – one of infinite potential. As well as leading healing and empowerment workshops, she brings with her the magic of song wherever she goes.

Surya Hawaii.jpg

Surya is a dynamic yoga instructor, registered with the yoga alliance as an E-RYT 200 & RYT 500. She is also an energy-healing teacher, lightworker, sound healer, intuitive medium, forever student and lover of all beings and all things outdoors. She believes that peace on earth is possible, and healing the self shows the way. Through her own healing journey, she has learned to connect deeply with her body, mind, and spirit through yoga and meditation to achieve great insight, healing, and bliss. Allowing her intuition and her heart to guide her, she is dedicated to serving those on their healing path, so that they too may experience great insight, healing, and bliss.

Surya is also very passionate about youth empowerment and supporting the children to recognize their natural gifts and sensitivities as strengths to be cultivated in a nurturing, safe and supportive environment, connected closely with family, community, and our sacred mother earth, so that we may ALL live in peace, happy and FREE, as is our birthright!


We teach in the traditional yogic methodology, which views Yoga as a lifestyle, a science, and an art. We combine a detailed and in-depth study of modern asanas (postures) with rich and colorful history and philosophy, as well as the lifestyle of Yoga that offers balance and peace for life “off the mat.” Students will learn, practice, and teach a wide range of yoga postures, fully grasping sequencing in Hatha and Vinyasa flows. There is ample opportunity to deepen your understanding of Prana (life-force energy), healing, and spirituality, woven into the course with anatomy, sequence and breath, all in a space that offers the multi-faceted teachings of Yoga while honoring and respecting all religious backgrounds and beliefs. 

Learn how to live fully and artfully in every moment, heal your life and others lives, let go of attachments and false beliefs, and rise up into your fullest self. True yoga (meaning “union”) teaches us to expand our consciousness and live in a higher vibrational life of beauty, presence, grace, and bliss. With opportunity for extra study in Energy Healing and how to apply it directly to the work and life of a Yoga Teacher, this is truly an opportunity to shake off what you are ready to leave behind in order to transform into the Empowered You. 



Students will learn in depth Asana Knowledge as well as: 
●  Anatomy and Adjustments
●  How to develop your unique teaching gift
●  Learn to heal and release
●  Kirtan/Chanting
●  Meditation Techniques
●  Physiology
●  Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) 
●  Study of the Yoga Sutras
●  Teaching Methodology
●  Yogic Lifestyle + Philosophy
●  Understand how to integrate teachings from the Earth and Sacred Plant Teachers into daily life and into your work as a Yoga Teacher + Healer

If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it, if you want to master something, teach it.
— Yogi Bhajan

GENERAL DAILY SCHEDULE (varying slightly each day)

  • 7:00-9:00am . Yoga & Meditation

  • 9:15am . Breakfast

  • 10:30am - 1:30pm . Morning Session (philosophy, anatomy, history, readings + discussions)

  • 1:30pm . Lunch

  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm . Afternoon Session (practice teaching, sequencing work, hands-on adjustments, and more!!)

  • 6:00pm . Closing meditation, Kirtan (music & chanting), assigning readings for the evening

  • 7:30pm . Dinner

  • 8:30pm onward: readings, assignments, rest

*Your active participation in all scheduled events is required for the completion of the course.  

The schedule may vary day to day or week to week depending on the flow of the energy and on the needs of the group. For example, you may be given extra time off for an afternoon here and there for more rest and integration time when it is needed. The course is designed with time for processing the deep work that this total life reset program is calling for. What are your biggest obstacles - and are you ready to face them? To see them? And to overcome them?! All of this takes fire from the heart and, sometimes, extra rest in the body. We will be shedding the layers of what no longer serves us while learning to be the best teacher you can be. Please be prepared for surprises, a flowing schedule, and a new level of possibility, inspiration and joy!!! 

Join in the flow of life! 


 “Hatha-Vinyasa” certification, with study of Yin & Kundalini.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification through Soul Ascension Yoga, a Registered Yoga School (RYS) owned by Molly Warner and Eli Kaiser and is approved for Yoga Alliance RYT-200 registration

Your certification will be a Hatha-Vinyasa Certification, which is approved by the Yoga Alliance, with an introduction to Kundalini and Yin styles of Yoga. As a teacher, you will be able to offer Hatha and Vinyasa classes that contain elements of Kundalini and Yin teachings and methods if you choose to integrate them.


  • REQUIRED: Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff, 2nd Edition

If you are ordering online, please order it at least two weeks before leaving to ensure that it arrives before you go! We do have extra copies of the 2nd Edition of the Yoga Anatomy text for $20 USD, already available onsite in Costa Rica. This can be paid in cash when you arrive - please let us know if you would like to get your copy from us when you arrive.

The following list is of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED readings that are useful to refer to during the course but are NOT required. They are also excellent preparation before we begin!  

  • The Yoga Sutras. Choose a version of this book that resonates with you. There are many versions and translations. Go into your favorite bookstore that carries yoga books and ask to see their selection. Choose the copy that feels the best to you.

  • The Bhagavad Gita. Again, choose whichever version feels the best to you. I recommend a version for beginners.

  • 2100 Asanas by Daniel Lacerda. This is a thick book and is not required, however it offers a vast photographic summary of thousands of yoga poses with excellent reference material and can be a great inspiration for developing creative class sequences.

  • Be Here Now by Ram Dass. This book will help to take you out of a linear mindset and bring a more expanded way of seeing life and consciousness.

  • Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, to experience a glimpse of how deep and wide and simply beautiful the Now truly is.

  • Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Paramahans, for an autobiographical account of the magic that can unfold on a traditional spiritual path.

STYLES OF YOGA YOU WILL LEARN Yin, Yang, Kundalini, Hatha, Bhakti, Vinyasa, Meditation

LANGUAGES This course is conducted in English.

MEALS INCLUDED Healthy vegan and gluten free food, 3 meals per day. *Please inform us of any dietary restrictions in advance.


Prices will go up by $1000 USD after December 31, 2018!

  • $1999 USD camping option if you bring your own gear (tent, padding).

  • $2999 USD in a shared room.

  • $3699 USD in private room.

  • $5398 USD for two people booking together in a shared private room, $2699 per person.

Airport transfers are available though not included in retreat investment. We are happy to arrange for you. Please advise of your travel needs and we will help you find the best option. 

 *Pricing and accommodations are subject to availability at time of booking. 

Reservation requires a 20% deposit. Payments are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another person wishing to join the retreat, or may be applied to any of Soul Ascension Healing Arts' future programs, courses or retreats. Payments are no longer transferable or refundable after program completion.  

Please write us from the contact page linked below and let us know why you are interested in this retreat and what you hope to focus on. We will be happy to answer any of your questions prior to booking. 

In love and light,

Molly, Surya & the Soul Ascension Team!

Soul Ascension School of Yoga & Healing Arts

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